Specialist additives used in fluoroelastomer (FKM)

Innovoh Calcium Hydroxides

Innovoh / Innovox OH Microfine calcium hydroxide powder

Innovoh / Innovox OH calcium hydroxides are used as cross-linking activators, particularly for fluoroelastomers that have to show optimal compression set at high temperatures. They are normally used in combination with a fine particle size magnesium oxide. As they are highly hygroscopic, weighing and incorporation into the compound should take place just prior to processing.

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Innovoh / Innovox OH

Safety data sheet

Safety data sheet appendix

Packaging Options

Innovoh calcium hydroxide grades are available in 12.5kg poly-lined bags and pre-weighed sachets or pails. Low-melting point sachets are available for direct addition to compounding equipment. Customer-specified options (sachet type/printing/labelling etc.) can be accommodated in many cases.

Bespoke customer specified options are available. Please contact us to discuss.