Company Information

Birch Chemicals is part of the Singleton Birch family of companies.  For more information on Singleton Birch and our parent company history click here.

The company began life as Innovo in 2000, based in Surrey, UK.  Innovo was bought by Singleton Birch in 2009, moved to the Melton Ross, North Lincolnshire site and became Birch Chemicals in 2018.

Birch Chemicals Limited specialises in the manufacture of microfine calcium oxide desiccants and calcium hydroxide curing agents. These products are used mainly in the rubber, plastics and powder coatings industries.

The raw material for the Innovox additive range is lime, which is produced on the same site by Singleton Birch before being micronized and classified.  This gives a high level of quality assurance, consistency, control and traceability.

Our shared site operation with Singleton Birch reduces lead times from production to packaging, which gives higher quality end products with consistently low moisture levels.

Birch Chemicals operates an Investors in People registered training system, which focuses on worker safety and ongoing development of skills.  Product quality is paramount and training helps us to achieve this.  Everyone understands the importance of our products in your process.

Research and Development plays a large part in shaping the future of our product range and we continually strive to improve our existing products and introduce new innovations.

Birch Chemicals has excellent logistics connections for ease of global distribution.

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