Our People

  • Richard Stansfield
    Richard Stansfield CEO Singleton Birch Group
  • Christel Croft
    Christel Croft Sustainability Director
  • Ellen Tatterton
    Ellen Tatterton Finance Director
  • Alistair Forman
    Alistair Forman Commercial Director
  • Alistair Forman
    Alistair Forman Birch Lime - Commercial Director
  • Steve Foster
    Steve Foster Birch Chemicals - Business Development Director
  • Steve Foster
    Steve Foster Business Development Director
  • Peter Widdowson
    Peter Widdowson Logistics Manager
  • Carl Atkinson
    Carl Atkinson Production Manager
  • Matthew Austin
    Matthew Austin Chemist
  • Dean Bingley
    Dean Bingley AD Operations Manager
  • Charlie Bradley
    Charlie Bradley Sales & Logistics Assistant
  • Charlie Bradley
    Charlie Bradley Birch Chemicals - Sales & Logistics Assistant
  • Jack Brow
    Jack Brow Birch Solutions - Central Services Manager
  • Jack Brow
    Jack Brow Central Services Manager
  • Niall Courtney
    Niall Courtney Birch Lime - Customer Services Co-ordinator
  • Niall Courtney
    Niall Courtney Stores Person
  • Gabby Deans
    Gabby Deans Logistics Executive
  • Karla Malkinson
    Karla Malkinson Head of Compliance
  • Amanda Dunderdale
    Amanda Dunderdale Cost Accountant
  • Claire Dunderdale
    Claire Dunderdale Admin and Sales Ledger Clerk
  • Alexa Embleton
    Alexa Embleton Finance Director
  • Alexa Embleton
    Alexa Embleton Birch Solutions - Finance Manager
  • Nicola O’Brien
    Nicola O’Brien Customer Sales Agent
  • Nicola O’Brien
    Nicola O’Brien Birch Chemicals - Customer Sales Agent
  • Jennie Greenfield
    Jennie Greenfield Purchase Ledger Clerk
  • Louise Rowson
    Louise Rowson Birch Lime - Logistics Planner
  • Louise Rowson
    Louise Rowson Logistics Planner
  • Jamie Harper
    Jamie Harper Project Engineer
  • Ken Hebdon
    Ken Hebdon Operations Project Engineer
  • Graeme Horn
    Graeme Horn Service Technician
  • Graeme Horn
    Graeme Horn Birch Solutions Service Technician
  • Chris Holdsworth
    Chris Holdsworth Minsterport - Installation Manager
  • Graham Horton
    Graham Horton Environment Manager
  • Stuart Howden
    Stuart Howden Engineering Manager
  • Imrul Islam
    Imrul Islam Digital Technology Manager
  • Ben Hyde
    Ben Hyde Project Engineer
  • Sharon Keogh
    Sharon Keogh Lab Technician
  • David Kocsis
    David Kocsis Process Optimisation Co-Ordinator
  • Isla Laverick
    Isla Laverick Receptionist Administrator
  • Mark McCrea
    Mark McCrea Electrical Maintenance Engineer
  • Dan Mason
    Dan Mason AD Plant Operative
  • Gareth Mellors
    Gareth Mellors Operations Purchaser
  • Andrew Metham
    Andrew Metham Waste Operations Manager
  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller Production Quality Supervisor
  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller Birch Chemicals Production Quality Supervisor
  • Rob Oliver
    Rob Oliver Operations Project Engineer
  • Vanetta Nixon
    Vanetta Nixon Credit Controller
  • Tim Prestwood
    Tim Prestwood Operations Manager
  • Tim Prestwood
    Tim Prestwood Birch Chemicals Operations Manager
  • Georgia Rawlins
    Georgia Rawlins Customer Services Co-ordinator
  • Cheryl Raynor
    Cheryl Raynor Customer Services Co-ordinator
  • John Ross
    John Ross Assistant Production Manager
  • Darren Scutt
    Darren Scutt Birch Lime - Sales Manager - Utilities
  • Darren Scutt
    Darren Scutt Sales Manager - Utilities
  • Jake Reeve
    Jake Reeve AD Plant Operative
  • Wesley Sugden-Brook
    Wesley Sugden-Brook Head of Operations
  • David Stow
    David Stow Production Quality Supervisor
  • Kelly Warne
    Kelly Warne Lab Technician
  • Roger Webster
    Roger Webster Projects Manager
  • Viki Winton
    Viki Winton Administration & Marketing Manager
  • Viki Winton
    Viki Winton Birch Solutions - Administration & Marketing Manager
  • Freddie Wright
    Freddie Wright Sales

Latest News

Singleton Birch to trial zero carbon lime production

Singleton Birch have partnered with Oxford University spin-out Origen Power to develop new kilns based on oxy-fuel calciner technology as a route to zero carbon lime production. A pilot plant could be brought forward as early as next year that will produce a 3,000 tonne a year.  Once this process has been proven the next […]


Ken Hebdon, Russ Field and Dave Stanfield were presented with watches in appreciation of their 25 years service to Singleton Birch. Each also receives a gift of their choosing from the Company: Ken, Electrical Engineer, has chosen holiday vouchers; Russ, previously Shift Supervisor and now Compliance Supervisor, some garden furniture

Singleton Birch – Central Control Room Opening

  Huge congratulations to the operations team of Singleton Birch on the opening of the new Central Control Room, Data Centre & Meeting Room.  The £300,000 investment signifies the companies drive to be at the forefront of our industry.  This facility will highlight inefficiencies, bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement and contribute to our competitive edge […]