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Birch Solutions is the newly formed company combining Singleton Birch’s 5 years experience in AD plant management and PlanET Biogas, one of the world’s largest biogas technology providers.   Singleton Birch needed a solution to the high energy costs associated with quarrying at their North Lincolnshire site so enlisted the help of PlanET Biogas UK.  Three new AD plants were built and generated such impressive results they joined forces to create Birch Solutions.

As well as offering services and consultancy to biogas plant owners on a project or contract basis, it also operates in the utilities sector where anaerobic digestion is used in water treatment.  This forms the technical services side to Birch Solutions where in 1998 the ban was put in place to stop the disposal of sewage silage at sea.  Singleton Birch brought the process of using lime to treat slurry sludge from the USA to the UK and Singleton Birch Contracting Sales was born, later changing the name to Technical Services.

Birch Solutions is a member of ABDA and the European Lime Association.

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