Specified additive blends in bespoke packaging

Contract Blending & Packing

These advantages of using Birch Chemicals contract blending and packaging operation can be summarised as follows:

  • Improved Health & Safety
  • Cost Savings
  • Improved Traceability
  • Lower Risk of Contamination of Finished Products
  • Problems associated with airborne dust, i.e. skin sensitisation, respiratory problems and a dusty working environment, are eliminated

These advantages are particularly prominent when multi-component blends in pre-weighed sachets are the prefered customer option.

Cost Savings

Capital expenditure on dust extraction and weighing equipment is reduced or eliminated. Manufacturing costs are reduced due to fewer weighing operations and lower waste disposal costs for contaminated packaging.

Improved Traceability

The reduction in the number of additive additions ensures fewer errors and less administration. Batches can be easily identified with traceable codes.

Lower Risk of Contamination

The elimination of airborne dust in the factory ensures that no cross-contamination takes place by this route.

Birch Chemicals’ facilities have been designed to handle the majority of powdered raw materials and additives used by the thermoplastics, elastomer, thermoset and coatings industries. A brief summary of the facilities we can offer our potential customers is as follows:

  • Approximate blending batch size from 150kg to 1000kg depending on bulk density of the powders
  • Dust suppression/coating of powders
  • Totally enclosed system, using the most modern technology, is designed to meet the latest and future Health & Safety legislation
  • The system is designed for easy clean down to facilitate product changes and ensure no cross-contamination occurs
  • Bespoke packaging can be in sachets, drums, bags etc. Low-melt EVA sachets available for “throw-in” applications such as PVC and elastomeric formulations
  • Pack sizes range from 500g to 25kg
  • Various printing/labelling systems available

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