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Singleton Birch and Health & Safety

At Singleton Birch we believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses, as well as safety and environmental incidents, are preventable, and our goal for all of them is zero. We are committed to ensuring that health and safety will be the prime responsibility of everyone that comes onto our site. The company strives for continual improvement in all its activities and to show evidence of this company has successfully achieved and operates an Occupational Management System to BS OHSAS 18001:2007. We recognise the importance of employee learning and development and work towards achieving a fully competent workforce to meet the needs of any applicable legislation and industry best practice.

The management of contractors is an area on which we place high importance. The company operates a site specific SHE induction system which covers all personnel who are engaged in any work activity on site however small. This ensures that they fully understand their duties and responsibilities towards health and safety whilst working on our premises.

The company's key message that "Nothing you do at work today is more important than going home safe and well to your family, at the end of each working day" is the cornerstone of our health and safety philosophy.

The company has made significant improvements in it safety culture, as members of the Mineral Products Association, we have been not only won awards but also received recognition of our commitment to health and safety within the industry.

Over a number of years we have achieved success at the annual MPA Best Practice Awards; in 2009 we were awarded the Sir Frank Davies Trophy for overall excellence in the SME category, followed by success in 2010 and 2011 for new innovations in safety improvements, conforming isolators and kiln safety improvements

2012 was a year that culminated is winning the John Crabbe Memorial Trophy for overall outstanding excellence in health and safety; a magnificent achievement, in that it was across all sectors of the MPA membership.

2013 saw Singleton Birch being 'Highly Commended' for our Maerz Kilns Part 5 Access Cage Engineering Innovation.

2014 saw Singleton Birch Ltd awarded the MPA Special Award for Companies with 100 to 1000 Employees at the 2014 MPA Health and Safety Conference. The  award was presented “in recognition of the Company’s sustained excellence in health and safety and continual pushing of boundaries, having won both the John Crabbe and Sir Frank Davies Trophies in recent years.”

In 2015 we acheived a great milestone of  '5 years without a LTI (Lost Time Injury)'.

Singleton Birch and the Environment

Singleton Birch operates in an environmentally sensitive manner in all operations. Accreditation to ISO 14001:2004, the environmental management standard (Certificate Number EMS 59687), was attained in 2001. This does not demonstrate entirely, however, the extent of the commitment to the environment made by Singleton Birch in terms of delivering best practice and activities over and above legislatory or planning requirements.

At the main Melton Ross site over 65 acres of previous quarried land has been restored back to productive agricultural land and is producing crop yields at least as high as that prior to quarrying. This was recognised by the receipt of a restoration award by the QPA.

Cradle to grave solutions provided to our customers have resulted in the establishment of a non-hazardous landfill site which is enabling this restoration work to continue. Deliveries of lime to environmental treatment plants on the Humber Bank result in the production of neutralised non-hazardous filter-cake which is returned utilising the same lorry that delivered the lime. This filter-cake is placed in a fully lined landfill site to re-profile the quarry back to further agricultural land and woodland. To date over 10 acres of this area has been restored and is supporting sheep grazing.

Across our operations in the last 2 decades 20,000 trees and several kilometres of hedgrerows have been planted. An old disused quarry at Elsham was recently restored using lime treated biosolids from waste water plants. This material provided high nutrient soils which were ideal for growing trees. Following the reprofiling of the quarry to remove any high faces, the soils were laid, trees planted and footpaths installed and the quarry is now open to the local villagers as a woodland trail.

These are a few examples of the work that Singleton Birch has carried out to demonstrate it's commitment to sustainable development and to enable the Company to work with it's stakeholders to deliver environmental benefits from our operations.

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