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The construction and building industry are the major use of lime products: in 1994, for example, it used 36% of the 19 million tonnes of lime sold in the European Union, compared with 38% used in iron and steelmaking.

Initially lime was the main material used for the production of concrete, but was replaced towards the end of the 19th Century by a superior binder known as Portland Cement. Cement had many advantages over lime-based products, being produced from a wide range of raw materials, giving much greater strength, and being more consistent than natural hydraulic limes,

However, lime still plays an important part in the following areas:

  • In the drying, improvement and stabilisation of soils
  • As a component of mortars, exterior rendering and interior plasters.
  • As an anti-stripping agent in the production of asphalt and tarmac for road construction
  • As a binder in the productions of a range of autoclaved calcium silicate products (including bricks, aircrete, fire resistant board and concrete).

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