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APCR Ash Haulage

Singleton Birch Ltd offer APCR Ash haulage as part of their service to help customers reduce costs and management time.

In most cases, lime is delivered to a site and the tanker leaves empty, while another empty tanker arrives to collect the APCR. An obvious environmental improvement solution is to cut down on vehicle movements by delivering lime and removing the APCR in the same trip. Our 'environmental logistics' tankers can deliver lime products and then reload with the customer's waste products and deliver them to their disposal destination. This reduces the number of vehicle movements and reduces haulage costs.

Benefits customers have seen include: 

  1. Reduced vehicle movements
  2. Larger tankers - maximising load size
  3. Singleton Birch managing lime and APCR silo levels and only collecting when required
  4. Overall reduction in cost

Singleton Birch Limited is a registered Waste Carrier Broker allowing greater flexibility when organising transport to utilise the approved haulage. We also under take full management of both lime silos and waste silos to maintain critical levels so the customer can concentrate on the front end of their operations.

Part of the package includes a waste audit service following the route from the source of the waste to the disposal, making sure all paperwork is correct and full traceability maintained.

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