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Flue Gas Treatment Services

Singleton Birch provides a range of products and services for Energy from Waste customers. We work with our clients to meet emissions requirements and offer specialised solutions to keep costs down.



We offer two grades of hydrated lime specially developed for Flue Gas Treatment ;
+  Standard grade Ultralime.
+  Ultralime HS  (enhanced efficiency in treating acid gases).


Environmental Logistics

+  Reduce the number of vehicle movements
+  Lime delivery and APCr removal in the same tanker. .

+  Reduce the number of vehicle movements and save on transport costs.

+  This service reduces environmental impact and saves operations personnel valuable time.

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Silo Monitoring

+  Remote silo management.
+  Real time data on customer silo levels.

+  Customer support with access to the web-based information.
+  Schedule transport as needed so the customer can concentrate on the front end of their operations.
+  Maximise vehicle payloads.

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Engineering Support to Optimise Lime Usage

Dedicated Technical Services Team work with customers to;
+  To optimize the use of lime.  
+  Work with plant personnel to maximize the efficiency of dosing systems, baghouses and recirculation systems.

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