Specialist additives used in fluoroelastomer (FKM)

Innovoh Calcium Hydroxides

Innovoh is the new name for Innovox OH from June 2019

Innovoh/ Innovox OH

Innovoh / Innovox OH microfine calcium hydroxide powder

Innovoh® calcium hydroxide activates fluoropolymer cure and will control acidity in FKM fluoroelastomer rubber. FKM fluoroelastomers are used in highly demanding applications because of their enhanced thermal and chemical stability.

Innovoh is proven to have superior dispersion characteristics, as well as improved cure and crosslink density.  This improves performance and consistency of the finished product.

Innovoh is often used in combination with a fine particle size magnesium oxide.

Birch Chemicals is unique in that we have an integrated supply chain which gives Innovoh products unrivalled performance due to their consistency, control and traceability

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For further information on the advantages of using Innovoh, please download the product information leaflet below

Innovoh / Innovox OH

Innovoh range product information leaflet.

Innovoh / Innovox OH

Innovoh range product information leaflet.

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