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Conditions of SaleSingleton Birch Ltd's "Conditions of Sale" are avilable to download...

Singleton Birch Ltd's 'Conditions of Sale' are available to download from this page. Please see the download section (bottom left handside) on this page and click on the link.

Click here to download the Conditions of Sale

Reach InformationREACH is the European Union regulation regarding Registration...

REACH is the European Union regulation regarding Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals.

We have pre-registered those chemicals we process, i.e. quicklime and hydrated lime, as listed below.


Pre-registration Number

Calcium oxide


Calcium hydroxide


Hydraulic Lime


Lime Putty

Covered under the pre-registration of calcium hydroxide

Calcium carbonate

Does not require registration

We expect to register our products in September 2010 for all general uses known to us and have sufficient information to do this.

However, if you believe your use may be in a specialist area, please let us know the application so we can ensure it is registered.

None of these are substances of high concern within the meaning of REACH.

If you require any further information, please contact Chris Meyer, Tel: 01652 68600.

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