Using Lime Mortar

For information on how to use both Hydraulic and Ordinary Lime Mortars, please download the Mortars Best Practise Guide PDF at the bottom of this page.

Pre-Mixed Mortar

Pre-mixed lime mortar is usually made by mixing an aggregate with either lime putty (wet mix) or a NHL lime (dry mix). Both are suitable for building and pointing. The wet mix mortar is typically supplied ready-to-use but will require ‘knocking up’ prior to use – ideally using a mortar mill.  Dry pre-mixed mortars require mixing with water prior to use. A range of standard mortars can be made using Singleton Birch limes, but should you wish to match an existing mortar, we could advise on an appropriate mix by analysing a sample of the original mortar.

Hot Lime Mortar

Hot Lime Mortar is produced by adding Quicklime to damp sand. It is good for general building and pointing work but care should be taken to ensure full slaking has taken place if used for rendering.

Please note:

When Quicklime comes into contact with moisture an exothermic reaction takes place which produces a very high temperature. Care must be taken to avoid skin contact, especially your face and eyes when mixing. Appropriate PPE must be worn. Further information is available on our Quicklime safety data sheet (SD20) which is available at 

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