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Building & Construction

Singleton Birch is a trusted lime partner for critical industries related to construction and infrastructure, including steel, glass and fiberglass, soil stabilization, asphalt, coatings, adhesives, sealants, mortars, and plasters.

Soil Modification

In soil modification applications, our Quicklime and Hydrated Lime upgrade low-quality soils into usable base and sub-base materials, creating a strong foundation that can bear weight. This includes construction for roads, airfields, and building foundations.

Preferred for soil modification applications, Granulime® and Finelime® Quicklimes conform to EN459 Building Lime.

Aerated Concrete Blocks

Microlime 90® is the preferred quicklime solution for aerated, autoclaved concrete (AAC) due to its consistency and fine particle size. In this market, Microlime 90 is mixed with pulverised fuel ash, sand, water, and aluminium powder to give a slurry, which rises and sets to form honeycomb structured blocks, which have excellent thermal and sound insulation properties. The heat generated when quicklime reacts with water and the alkaline conditions combined with aluminium powder generates hydrogen bubbles, which cause the blocks to rise.

Microlime 90 is also utilized in traditional mortars.