Agricultural Lime (calcium carbonate, CaCO3)

Our Team of dedicated Market Specialists can provide applications advice, as well as solutions and equipment for the transport, storage and dosing of Woldlime products.

Woldlime ™

Agricultural Lime CaCo3 – a less densely compacted and geologically younger sedimentary rock predominantly composed of compacted coccoliths (Sea Algae). As a ‘softer’ rock, agricultural lime is more readily broken down and absorbed into the soil solution. Typical Neutralising Values vary between 48 – 54% NV.

Major benefits include:

  • Low-cost, high-value solution
  • Improved overall crop profitability
  • Increased productive potential of arable land
  • Important component in maximising crop yields
  • Assists livestock health and growth
  • Improved soil structure
  • Helps maintain correct pH levels
  • Releases soil nutrients, assisting fertilisers and manure
  • Distributed by skilled operators with modern equipment
  • Offers flexible delivery methods to suit field access points
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