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Anaerobic Digestion

Rapid Parts and Chemical Supply for Anaerobic Digesters

Singleton Birch is the leading provider in the United Kingdom for parts, chemicals, oils, and testing related to the construction and maintenance of anaerobic digestion plants.

Singleton Birch operates multiple anaerobic digestion plants at our site in Melton Ross. These plants generate renewable low-carbon electricity equivalent to 99% of our lime operation’s average monthly consumption.

As experts in anaerobic digestion, we also provide a comprehensive portfolio of parts and materials to help customers make more from their AD plants. This aligns with our commitment to help support a more sustainable future for our region and planet.

Why take advantage of Singleton Birch’s rapid parts supply and expert advice?

Every 1% loss in efficiency for a 0.5MW AD plant can cost the operator £25,000 per year. A breakdown is costly; every minute you can’t make biogas is losing money that can never be made back.

Singleton Birch provides fast parts availability at fair prices. Crucially, we carry a wide stock of key parts here in the UK – with more than £500,000 of parts in our stores at any time.

We also deal with OEM suppliers across Europe and beyond, managing the importation processes and consolidating parts packs from multiple sources.

Because we purchase parts for plants across the UK, we can secure the best prices and ensure you get the best value for money.

Global partnerships and fast access to what you need

Singleton Birch has preferred supplier partnerships with a range of leading manufacturers. We can also supply the chemicals and oils you need to run your plant effectively and efficiently.

We are the UK preferred supplier for Steverding, Paulmichl, and PTM and have secured preferential rates for Suma, Vogelsan, Landia, Borger, Wangen, Vega, and many more.

Partnerships with 2G, Himmel, and Pronova further strengthens our position to become a leading parts distributor for the UK AD and Agri markets.

Our partnership with 2G also ensures we can support their full portfolio with parts supply. We are also able to supply 2G approved oils Mobil Pegasus and Shell Mysella and also Petro-Canada and Chevron.

We have a wide range of chemicals for your AD plant and can provide regular testing solutions to tailor a bespoke trace element package for your site.

Available solutions for anaerobic digestion plants include:

  • · Feed and pump parts
  • · Digester parts
  • · Separators
  • · Gas parts
  • · CHP parts
  • · E&I parts
  • · Chemicals

See brands for available parts and solutions we carry below.

We source, hold and supply plant spare & equipment for:

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