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Elastomers (Rubber)

Additives, desiccants, and cure activators formulated using the finest raw materials

Discover world leading performance and consistent quality designed to reduce damaging excess moisture and humidity during rubber production.

The Innovox® difference: Rubber Compound Desiccants

The Innovox® range has been fully tested and qualified by leading external laboratories (such as Artis and Ace Consultants) and proven to prevent visible extrusion breakout and surface defects, reducing specks, lumps, and streaking in production caused by unwanted moisture in the finished product. Independent testers prove that Innovox’s high purity and surface area give it exceptional performance. We can provide test reports upon request, as well as reference customer details within your own field of application.

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Dispersion within rubber with or without Innovox®

Innovoh® Rubber Compound Cure Activators

Improve the performance and consistency of your finished product with our unrivalled microfine calcium hydroxide cure additive and activator, Innovoh.

Innovoh ultrafine calcium hydroxides are the market-leading cure activators and acid scavenging solutions for rubber and elastomer compounds.

Birchset® CR Cure Stabiliser Approved for Food Contact

Birchset CR is a food-contact-approved cure stabiliser and compression set reduction additive. Birchset CR eliminates increased compression set or reduced vulcanisation – without compromising rubber compound performance.

Birchset CR is specially formulated to overcome the adverse effects of using high doses of calcium oxide for moisture removal in rubber compounds. Birchset CR should be used in combination with Innovox to ensure optimum rubber characteristics in high moisture compounds.

In higher humidity environments, or where high moisture fillers are used, higher levels of Innovox addition may be required to overcome compound porosity. This can lead to reduced vulcanisation or increased compression set values – but with the help of Birchset® CR, you can eliminate these negative effects.

Reduce costs

Adding Birch Chemicals products to your process can increase production speed and capacity, reduce revenue lost due to quality defects, and increase energy savings.

We partner with industry's best

From rubber compounding, universities and testing consultants to design exceptional desiccant products – and as a result, our customers experience lower addition rates, improved production capability, reduced quality defects, minimum re-work and significant overall savings thanks to our industry-leading approach.