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Cargo, Storage & Packaging

Keeping your cargo protected with effective moisture control

Container rain is a serious issue which causes damage and disrupts the success of your shipments. Our world exclusive hyper-desiccant formula BirchSorb® is powerful protection, highly effective in all cargo scenarios.

BirchSorb® has been rigorously tested and is the perfect odour free, conveniently packaged and easy to use product, perfect for meeting your needs. It’s safe to handle and can be easily and safely disposed of once it has completed your shipping journey. Every BirchSorb® product is as safe as it is effective.

Perfect for cargo

BirchSorb® is the perfect moisture control solution for the cargo industry. Whether that means shipping steel, shoes or sultanas. Its high capacity, excellent performance across temperature extremes and extended lifetime make it ideal for long-range haulage of any kind. Crucially, unlike any other absorbers, it will not rerelease moisture back into the atmosphere.