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Biolime® H90 biocide

Biolime® H90 (Calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2)

Why use Biolime® H90?

Biolime H90 is hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) specially made for agriculture and is an approved biocide. The product creates a stable alkali environment which will inhabit bacterial growth, improve biosecurity and reduce odours.

  • Kills bacteria
  • Cost effective
  • Easily applied
  • Lasting protection
  • No surface preparation

Product information


  • Prevents Mastitis
  • Reduces hoof infection/lameness
  • NO risk of hydrogen sulphide
  • Improves hygiene in calf pens
  • Helps to prevent against Scours and Pneumonia
  • Helps to keep calf pens dry
  • Helps destroy Tuberculosis and Brucellosis in cattle slurry


  • Prevents lameness
  • Improves hygiene in lambing pens
  • Protects against Scours, Watery mouth, Navel ill and Join ill
  • Prevents Scald and Foot rot when applied to gathering areas, gateways and at housing


  • Improves biosecurity
  • Protects against Avian influenza, Newcastle disease and other bacterial infections
  • Reduces fly activity
  • Improves hygiene for a healthy flock environment

General Farm Applications

  • Hygienic and antiseptic whitewash
  • PH control in digesters
  • Reduces acidity/PH control of farm effluent
  • Helps prevent mould and condensation problems
  • Improves hygiene for a healthy flock environment

Can you afford not to protect your livestock?

Biolime® H90 will help preserve the health of livestock and therefore protect your livelihood. 

Simply spread by hand or mechanical applicator at the following typical application rates. 

  • 500g per cubicle per day 
  • 500g per m² in calf/lambing pens 
  • 500g per m² in game bird pens 
  • 500gper m² around poultry housing/pens