Birchset® CR

Formulated for use in heavy humidity environments, or compounds with high volumes of fillers, Birchset CR is a powerful cure stabiliser and compression set reduction additive, designed specifically for EPDM rubber.


High volumes of our calcium oxide desiccants Innovox® can be used to successfully eliminate porosity – but this may lead to detrimental effects on finished rubber products, including reduced vulcanisation or increased compression set.

That’s why we’ve developed Birchset® CR, a food contact approved cure stabiliser and compression set reduction additive. Birchset® CR eliminates increased compression set or reduced vulcanisation – without compromising rubber compound performance.

Birchset® CR is an activated polymer, giving it excellent mixing and dispersion characteristics which make it easy to use. Birchset® CR should always be used in combination with Innovox®.


  • High humidity regions or rainy season
  • High moisture EPDM compounding
  • Highly filled EPDM
  • Works alongside Innovox
  • EDPM door seals


Packed In                                                                                    15kg and 20kg sacks

Compatibility                                                 Used with Innovox in EDPM Rubber

Made In                                                                                                    United Kingdom

Shipped                                                                                                       Worldwide



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