A successful series of Sustainability & Decarbonisation workshops

 In Singleton Birch

Sustainability workshops have really engaged our employees as we develop our sustainability and decarbonisation roadmaps to achieve Net Zero by 2050.  We have completed several workshops which started off to inform, debate and clarify what sustainability is for all of us as employees and citizens, leading to enthusiastic discussions about our future, our vision and how we get there.  We are now in the process of selecting projects and making them a reality.

Christel Croft, Sustainability Director who is leading this programme said, “I believe in doing the right things and doing them right. This is a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference to our teams, communities, our business and the planet.  We need everyone to make a difference, big or small, it all adds up.  Our vision is to operate the safest, cleanest and greenest lime works in the world and we will be”

The feedback has been great with one employee saying “I felt the workshop was conducted really well, and for a newbie like me to the world of sustainability and decarbonisation it was an eye opener. It’s extremely reassuring to see the company I work for and its staff thinking about the distant future and not just what’s immediately ahead.”