Local employers support mock interview sessions

 In Singleton Birch

As part of the “Optimum Curriculum” at Frederick Gough School, students are invited to attend mock interview sessions with local employers.  This programme is in place to support students with the development of employability skills and qualities. A number of other activities were run throughout the day with different year groups, including team building exercises and motivational talks to name just a few.

Over 250 Year 9 students attended these interview sessions which gives youngsters the opportunity to experience what a real interview would be like, giving them an excellent platform to practice their questions and gain valuable life skills.

Jo Roche, the Careers Leader at Frederick Gough School, said: “We really appreciate all the organisations and individuals who support our mock interviews.  These interviews are invaluable to our students as it gives them the opportunity to have what is probably their first experience of an interview in a safe environment to help them to develop the confidence they need when they are in this situation for real.  Our students are at the stage where they are thinking of what they will be doing when they leave us so we want to equip them with every available resource we can.

We’ve been developing this activity for over 10 years now, starting out with just a few and now giving the full year group the opportunity to be involved.  It makes such a huge difference to all our students and we would like to say a massive thank you to all the employers, groups and individuals involved in giving us their time.”

Viki Winton from Singleton Birch who was one of the employers attending the day said “We’re delighted to be able to support Frederick Gough School with their mock interviews. I think this is such an excellent initiative and was so impressed with the students confidence and drive, seeing some of the students go from being quite nervous and shy to watching them grow in confidence was amazing to see.  It’s been a really rewarding experience to help a wide range of pupils, and offer some thoughts and advice.”

Over the years these sessions have been very well supported but following COVID the number of employers able to help out has understandably dwindled. If you are in a position to help with future events please contact Jo Roche on jroche@frederickgoughschool.co.uk