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Biolime H90 (Calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2)

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Biolime H90 hydrated lime is a white calcium hydroxide powder which is made by the reaction of quicklime with water.

Specially made for the Agricultural Market, typically used for bedding in dairy stalls to reduce mastitis.

An approved Biocide.

Product information


  • Prevents Mastitis
  • Reduces hoof infection/lameness
  • NO¬†risk of hydrogen sulphide
  • Improves hygiene in calf pens


  • Prevents lameness
  • Improves hygiene in lambing pens
  • Protects against scours, Watery mouth, Navel ill and Join ill


  • Improves biosecurity
  • Protects against Avian influenza, Newcastle disease and other bacterial infections
  • Reduces fly activity

General Farm Applications

  • Hygienic and antiseptic whitewash
  • PH control in digesters
  • Reduces acidity/PH control of farm effluent
  • Helps prevent mould and condensation problems

Biolime Products

Biolime H90


Biolime H90 brochure


Biolime H90 data sheet