Brexit and its impact on Birch Chemicals

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The UK Government has stated that it may choose to leave the EU without a deal on 31 October. Whilst all efforts will be made to reach an agreement, “no deal” is a real possibility.

Birch Chemicals is committed to supporting our customers to overcome any potential difficulties which may result as part of a “no deal” exit.

In case of an agreed departure then Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) mean no change to customs or Reach etc. for 18 months.

No Deal Brexit

General Trading

All of Birch Chemicals major raw materials are sourced on-site from our parent company Singleton Birch. Our UK suppliers are holding significant stocks of any EU sourced consumables.


In collaboration with our Distribution Partners, we will put in place a stock holding strategy for each EU customer in case of short term channel port disruption. Wherever possible, this will involve the customer or distributor holding

additional stock on site. Payment terms can be temporarily adjusted as necessary to ensure that this has no adverse impact on customers cash flow.

We have significant resource in place to cover the Customs documentation requirements in case of “no deal”, which will be the same as for our other overseas markets.

Chemical Registrations and Reach

Birch Chemicals fully complies with the current Reach regulations and all of our products are registered by our parent company Singleton Birch.

In case of a “no deal” the following will happen:

  • Birch Chemicals customers and distributors in the EU area will not be required to become an Importer under Reach regulations.
  • Birch Chemicals will appoint an Only Representative (OR) for the EU and use HSE registrations. This is already in place and will happen prior to the leave date. We will circulate contact details for the appointed OR prior to the leave date.
  • Birch Chemicals will register all products under the UK HSE (Health and Safety Executive) Reach equivalent registration system. This will mirror the EU system and will come into force immediately upon Brexit.

For any further information, or the latest updates on Brexit please contact: