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Digested Sludge Liquid Lime Treatment

Reason for activity

Southern Water have hired one of our mobile Aqualime systems for 18 months to ensure sludge digestion is BAS compliant while the wider sludge treatment centre is upgraded. Birch Solutions have provided a brand new unit for the delivery of the contract. 

How we helped

We designed, built and supplied one of our industry-leading mobile Aqualime dosing units to the latest specification, which was then commissioned by our engineers – who remain available 24/7 to advise on dosing rates and other technical queries. 

Elements of the work included:

  • A plug and play aqualime dosing unit comprising a 35m³ bunded liquid lime storage tank, automated lime dosing system and integrated controls
  • The unit also benefits from an automatic dosing line flushing system
  • Control system allowing customer monitoring and system integration

Continued support provided:

  • Site produces a BAS-compliant biosolid product
  • Reliable, with the new unit being one of three we delivered
  • Specialist 24/7 support from our experts

Client:Southern Water

Location: Goddards Green

Plant Type: Sludge treatment center

Date Autumn 2020 – ongoing