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Double Membrane Replacement

Reason for activity

Customer came to Birch Solutions for a quick resolution for a split to the inner gas membrane on one of their secondary digesters. As an interim solution we affected a temporary fix with a patch and followed with a replacement of the inner and outer membrane as an evaluation showed the outer membrane was showing significant signs of wear and a full replacement was likely to be more cost-effective in the long term.

How we helped

Following a detailed evaluation of the site and the digestion assets Birch Solutions undertook the project to deliver the replacement of the double membrane on the 5,000m’ secondary digester.

Elements of the work included:

  • Detailed evaluation of optimum solution for the project
  • Procurement of replacement membranes and development of project plan and associated project and safety documentation
  • Safe decommissioning of the digester prior to starting project
  • Removal of the double membrane roof
  • Installation of replacement roof system
  • Start up and re-commissioning support

Location: Cambridgeshire

Plant Type: Agri Biogas Plant

Scale:+1,200m3 CH4/h

Date Summer 2020