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Electrofusion Welding

Reason for activity

The Birch Solutions team responded to an emergency call when an energy company noticed a reduction of services stemming from a pipe blockage which was threatening the stability of the anaerobic digester lagoon.

How we helped

Birch Solutions were called to a customer’s site when a blockage was detected on a pipeline going to their lagoon. This blockage was causing calcium to build-up in the lagoon, threatening to impact production and potentially even causing further negative operational issues.

The team quickly worked to identify the location of the blockage and found a problem in a 90-degree bend. The pipe was quickly excavated and the blocked section cut and replaced.

As the Birch Solutions team are fully trained in electrofusion welding and carry all the equipment in their service vehicles, a new section was plastic welded into place and the plant was back up and running in just a few hours.

The customer said about the work: “We always rely on Birch Solutions as the communication from their lead engineers is excellent and we always know what to expect and what stage we are at through any project. Plus, they always exceed our expectations by doing extra work whenever they are on site.”

Elements of the work included:

  • Emergency response to blocked pipeline feeding lagoon
  • Peel back of the roof, weather and gas membranes and eco-net
  • Assessed problem and identified location of blockage
  • Cut out damaged section of pipe
  • Plastic welded new section of pipe in place
  • Plant able to resume production

Location: Cambridgeshire

Plant Type: Anaerobic Digestion

Scale: 14.3MW

Date Spring 2022