Head of Operations at Singleton Birch Ltd arranges Institute of Quarrying Tour of British Steel

Mark Sacker, Head of Operations at Singleton Birch Ltd and Technical Chair of the Institute of Quarrying Yorkshire Branch arranged a technical visit to British Steel at Scunthorpe in October 2018.  Employees from Singleton Birch and other Minerals Companies were hosted by Mark Raeburn, Technical Manager.  A fantastic tour of the Sinter Plant and technical presentation were topped off by an equally fantastic lunch. British Steel under its new ownership is making significant improvements to the works.  The enthusiasm and positivity of the staff was evident. The steel made at Scunthorpe is used to make the buildings and equipment we use at our Manufacturing sites. High-quality lime products from Singleton Birch contribute to the quality of that steel. British Steel is a valued long-term customer of Singleton Birch.  A great British success story.