Innovox® 97

Improved for unbeatable performance & consistency.


The latest ground-breaking product from Birch Chemicals has been designed to alleviate moisture problems such as porosity or surface blisters which develop during the processing of elastomeric compounds. Innovox® 97 has been formulated down to the last detail, giving it world leading performance.

Innovox® 97 is supplied in easy to use 1kg sachets in 25kg boxes, palleted at 48 boxes per pallet – so it’s as easy to access the
last kg as it was the first. This revolution in packaging means Innovox® 97 has an extended shelf life.


  • EPDM Rubber compounds
  • Automotive door seals and trim
  • Hoses
  • Roofing and flooring
  • Conveyors
  • Prevents blisters and bubbles


Packed In                                                                            1kg sachets in 25kg Bags

CaO                                                                                                                  99.5% Powder

Surface Coating                                                                                   0.5% Paraffinic Oil

Dispersion                                                                                    Exceptional Dispersion

Dispersion Aid                                                                                                               0.5%

Made In                                                                                                     United Kingdom

Shipping                                                                                                              Worldwide


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