Innovox® MB

New for unbeatable dispersion with no waste.


Composed of 80% calcium oxide powder dispersed in 20% EP rubber, this new masterbatch from Birch Chemicals is delivered in a granule-based form for consistent addition control, super-fast mixing and exceptional dispersion, with no waste or spillage.

Innovox® MB features none of the inactive ingredients (oils and waxes) of competitor products, guaranteeing a reliable solution for porosity, surface blisters and other moisture-related issues.

A specific additive bespoke version can be created, offering a significant competitive advantage. Innovox® MB is packaged in low-melt sachets, available in 1kg bags (despatched in 20kg boxes) or in larger 25kg bags.

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  • Suitable for open roller mixers or dust free systems
  • EPDM Rubber compounds
  • Automotive door seals and trim
  • Hoses
  • Roofing and flooring
  • Conveyors
  • Prevents blisters and bubbles


Packed In                                                                            1kg sachets in 25kg Bags

CaO                                                                                                                                    80%

Calcium Oxide PSD                                                                             D50 - 2.5 microns

Dispersion                                                                                    Exceptional Dispersion

Granule size                                                                                                    5mm x 5mm

Low melt EVA sachet melting point                                                       70 – 80°C

Made In                                                                                                     United Kingdom

Shipping                                                                                                              Worldwide


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