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Mixer Retrieval and Replacement

Reason for activity

Customer experiencing loss of mixing and consequent lack of gas production.

How we helped

Birch Solutions were able to rapidly respond to the issue to install parts provided by the customer for their 3,500m digester. Work was coordinated with a neighbouring plant to minimise costs.

Elements of the work included:

  • Development of project plan and associated project and safety documentation
  • Safe de-commissioning for the digester prior to starting work
  • Peel back the roof to expose mixer
  • Contract lift of mixers
  • Installation of new mixers
  • Re-installation of double membrane bio-dome
  • Start up and re-commissioning support
  • Plant optimisation
  • Continued support provided
  • Service and maintenance

 Location: Herefordshire

Plant Type: Agri Biogas plant

Scale: 500kWe

Date: Summer 2020