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Paddle Mixer Overhaul

Reason for activity

The Birch Solutions team responded to an emergency call when a farm-based biogas plant broke down and production stopped.

How we helped

MH Poskitt is a major vegetable grower in East Yorkshire and once again turned to Birch Solutions when their AD plant broke down and they were unable to diagnose the problem.

With production halted, Birch Solutions quickly sourced a crane, a new mixer paddle and upgraded electrical components to tackle the issue and restore the biogas plant, with work completed in just one day.

Engineers on site had to remove the roof components to inspect the plant and confirmed the mixer and rollers needed replacing. While carrying out the work, the team also took the opportunity to upgrade the electrical supply before restoring and reinflating the roof so production could resume.

MH Poskitt’s farm and anaerobic digestion plant manager, Jamie Gutteridge, said: “Birch Solution’s do everything for us and they always get the job done quickly.

“Communication from Birch Solutions is always spot-on and they really exceeded expectations in turning this job around. We made the call on Monday and it was completed in just one day on site.

“Birch Solutions is the company to call if you want to get the job done.”

Elements of the work included:

  • Rapid sourcing of crane, breathing apparatus and essential replacement parts
  • Peel back of the roof, weather and gas membranes and eco-net
  • Inspection of mixer – found bearings had collapsed
  • Replaced mixer, mechanical rollers and upgraded electrical supply
  • Roof resealed and inflated, re-fitted blower pipes
  • Plant able to resume production

Location: East Yorkshire

Plant Type: Biogas Plant

Scale: 0.5MW

Date Spring 2022