Pre-Mixed Lime Plaster

Pre-Mixed Lime Plaster is made by mixing lime putty with sand. A range of standard plasters is available for scratch and finish coats as well as internal and external work. It is important to use the right product for the right situation; advice should be sought if you are unsure. The pre-mixed lime plaster is supplied ready to use but will require \’knocking-up\’ prior to use, ideally using a mortar mill.

It is supplied with or without hair. Hair is required in scratch coats to give tensile strength. By adding a coarser aggregate, a rough cast can be achieved. This is a highly appropriate finish for buildings in exposed areas as the greater surface area helps shed water.

Hemp Plaster

Natural hemp fibre with lime provides an insulating, rot resistant plaster or concrete. It has even been used to build entire houses, from the floor to the eaves. Useful for infill panels in timber frames and as a breathable insulation on old stone or brick walls. 

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Location: Cambridgeshire

Plant Type: Anaerobic Digestion

Scale: 14.3MW

Date Spring 2022