Birch Solutions expands team in successful first year

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Singelton Birch, Melton Ross Quaries, North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, 24 April, 2019. Pictured: Vans and staff with new branding

Birch Solutions has made a number of new appointments as it continues to strengthen its position in the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry. The company, which works in the biogas and utilities sectors, has made additions to its engineering, operations and administration teams.

Parent company, Singleton Birch, bought a controlling share of Planet Biogas in April 2018 and following a successful first year of business, Birch Solutions had the need to expand.

The transfer of knowledge and expertise from its parent company Singleton Birch has been key to this success, helping to successfully restructure the business to develop, meet future growth needs and become more sustainable. Birch Solutions offers numerous bespoke services to its customers, providing the customer with the confidence that the works are being completed with the intention of optimising their plant.

Working alongside service partners, Birch Solutions now offers the most comprehensive support available to the UK market whilst retaining the affiliation with its technology provider, a world leader in AD, Planet Biogas.