Masterox® Carb

Created from ultrafine rutile grade titanium dioxide produced for unbeatable performance and consistency.


Created from ultrafine calcium carbonate powder, Masterox Carb boasts high glossiness levels, intense brightness and exceptional dispersion characteristics, generating a significant increase in production output and world-class results. Formulated with 83% calcium carbonate, Masterox® Carb is the ultimate choice for consistency, returning an excellent cost to performance ratio.

Available in sizes from 25kg bags to 1,350kg pallets, Masterox® Carb is suitable for a number of processes within the plastic manufacturing sector, including pipe extrusion, injection moulding, sheet thermoforming and blow moulding. Looking to consider multiple solutions? Get in touch today to get your free samples.


  • Blown film and lamination
  • PP raffia/yarn
  • PP non-woven fabric
  • Blow moulding
  • Injection moulding
  • Thermoformed sheet
  • HDPE/PP pipe extrusion
  • Polyester yarn


Packed In                                                                            25kg bag - 1,350kg pallet

Compatibility                            LLDPE, LDPE HDPE or alternative version for PP

CaCO₃ Content                                                                                                      82%

Particle Size                                                                                                 2 microns

Density (g/cm3)                                                                                                              1.95

Processing Temp.                                                                                           140 – 280°C

Melt Flow Rate                                                           1-3g / 10 min (@190C, 2.16kgs)

Moisture                                                                                                              >0.15%


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