My Work Experience Blog

 In Singleton Birch

We have had the pleasure over the past 2 weeks of students from Fred Gough School attended site to complete their work experience, here’s a blog from one of those students.

I decided to complete my work experience week with Singleton Birch as looking through their website they looked like a business with multiple departments and a good Sales & Marketing division.

My first task involved me drafting out a website blog for the company.  We started with researching what questions we wanted to ask and then organised and attended the interview with a photo stage.  From there we wrote everything up ready to be published.

Work over the week included various meetings with PR agencies and internal meetings which went into how to promote a new section of the business.  We also went on a site tour which involved going round the quarry which was pretty cool

Reflecting on the week I have learnt so many new skills and developed so many.  With meeting so many people I have learnt how to approach and interact with others whilst maintaining professional.

I would like to thank Viki for bringing out my confidence, Steve for information on what I need to do for the future and Rob for being Rob.  It was also good to experience this week with my other students.

If I had to have a slogan from this week it would be “communication is key” which I will remember throughout my career.

By Denzil Bell