Our quest in becoming the safest, cleanest, greenest lime works in the world

 In Singleton Birch

In our quest to be the safest, cleanest, greenest lime works in the world,Singleton Birch highlighted that although all their processes were in place their safety performance had plateaued and wanted a way in which to reengage everyone on site. 

Working with the University of Hull we put in place a 2-year graduate scheme using a KTP for a Health & Safety Culture Change. The Chemical Engineering graduate, Axl Farr, is embedded on the Singleton Birch site, and working with the support of the department of psychology at the University of Hull, to assess the current safety culture at the company. To do this, we interviewed 17 people across the business to form questions we needed to produce a survey which went out to all employees, to gain a full picture. The first survey was completed in Feb 2021 with the next survey being December 2022, possible 3rd survey in December 2023.  The survey results were analysed, and Axl and the team are now running working groups with the staff, to identify the root cause of the problems, then to implement changes to solve them, and therefore improve the company safety culture.

With 8 months remaining on the project we have already identified areas to improve, one being working groups have now been set up, these are formed from people across the business who meet monthly to discuss all aspects which lead to some of the H&S issues identified on the survey.  On top of this, the team from the University and company meet weekly to ensure the project is progressing on schedule.

This has so far been a very successful project with a lot more employees recognising the need for change and embracing an openness and transparency to a Health & Safety culture, our motto has always been “there is nothing more important than everyone returning home safe and well each day” and we will continue pushing to achieve this

We will keep you updated on our findings throughout the project