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If you aren't feeding the digester, you aren't producing gas. Get the quality feeders you need to optimise your AD plant production.

Feeders provide the organic matter your digester needs to produce biogas. If your feeder breaks down, your gas production is under threat and you even risk losing the ecosystem of microorganisms that are critical to gas production, risking a costly reset. Make sure you have access to quality feeders to prevent downtime and maintain gas production.


Food for thought

Proper selection and operation of feeders are critical for ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of anaerobic digestion systems.

Feeders are key to the uniform delivery of different feedstocks and are integral to you fulfilling the potential of your anaerobic digestion plant.


Avoiding downtime

Efficient feeders are dependent on a number of components, from automated feeding schedules through to adjusting the composition of the feedstock.

A failure in any part of the system can impact the performance and be catastrophic for your production.

We have a range of quality feeders and components in stock to ensure you can effectively manage your feedstock.

What Our Customers Say

  • Jamie Gutteridge, AD Plant Manager

    Life is definitely better with Birch Solutions. Try them, you'll never look back.

    Jamie Gutteridge, AD Plant Manager
    MH Poskitt Ltd